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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Up to Speed

So I've decided that at least for the time being, this blog will be devoted to sweepstakes and maybe some couponing. Let's see how it goes. 

I started "sweepstaking" in September or August, when I was un(der)employed and my friends had begun to move away or head back to school for the year. My boyfriend got a kick out of this new fascination, and has even entered a few sweeps with me on rainy days. I <3 him. I have to admit, I didn't realize entering sweepstakes could really be a hobby until I saw it on TLC; at first, I thought it was funny, and even a little bit greedy. The people on that show seemed to be entering contests for prizes they didn't really want, with methods that felt like a burden, driving around to different post boxes to mail entries or making sweepstakes a full-time job. But I've realized it can be a casual, easy hobby. Some days if I have time after work, I'll enter as many as I can in an hour or two. Some days I don't have time or don't really care. I'm sure this interest will fade, or I'll win something great and be even more motivated...

So far, I've had a few small wins, but nothing amazing. I've started following lots of other blogs with updates on new contests and coupons and freebies to make the process more streamlined. To date, I've won: a month of Weight Watchers, L'Oreal mascara, a Conair Weight Watchers digital bathroom scale, a Twix bar, an X Factor poster, "King of the Wild Suburb" novel, a Stouffers Sautes for Two and $5 toward anything from LiveNation. Through freebies, I've gotten things from Renuzit, Playtex, Carefree, Garnier, Dole, and Starburst. I've also accidentally subscribed to trials of two magazines (damn you, Glamour and Martha Stewart!). Unfortunately, I tend to be out of the house by the time the mail comes, so my skeptical parents begrudgingly end up taking in all my junk mail, but the occasional prize or free offer is worth it. This series of small victories has kept me from shrugging my shoulders on this hobby entirely. I am still learning how to be all house-wifey and coupon-y but I think it will be a valuable skill when I'm living on my own again. I've saved over $150 on groceries (that we've actually eaten! No absurd basement stockpile yet!) for my family in the past month or two, so I guess it can only get better from here.

So for now, I'll be posting sweeps that I've entered, freebies I've been alerted to, prizes I've won and probably some venting about work and life because really, what else is blogging for? 


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