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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's been a good day :)

So today I had the day off from work and got a lot done around the house- namely Christmas decorating!! So good to have it all done. Well, almost all of it. Not sure where I put some of the bigger decorations last year since our basement flooded and we rearranged everything. But almost everything being done means that I'm ahead of the game compared to last year.

And, my Amazon shipment came today (4 days earlier than the estimated daaaatte) so I have new movies to watch and they were dirt cheap. My $25 gift card from Sephora came today as well. Feels good to have won something I really wanted! I owe thanks to Someday I'll Learn, check out her blog! 

But best of all, I was recently notified that I won a trip to Arizona!! I've been looking into the resorts and the golf packages and restaurants and theaters included in the prize and they are AMAZING! There are plenty of details left to iron out (unfortunately, travel wasn't included) but after speaking with my tax professional, I decided I can afford (more easily than assumed) the income taxes on the prize value and am aiming to go in March! Now that I've accepted, I can't wait to get all the prize vouchers and start planning and dreaming about my Arizona suites and Mexican food and hanging out by the pool...so exciting. I've been "sweepstaking" since August and I think this was one of the first travel sweepstakes I entered and it's amazing to have won. I never assumed this hobby would lead to anything substantial, so it would be awesome to win a way to cross "See the Grand Canyon" off my bucket list. It's also helped with some sweeping fatigue I've been feeling- now that I've won something, it gives me a project to focus on and inspiration not to give up (though I have stopped entering for travel prizes- might get back into it after New Years). 

Hopefully my luck keeps up. My goal is to win any cash, big or small, prize before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Update 12.4: Some small wins...came back from a weekend with my boyfriend to find my free samples of Kotex and Carefree products, a tube of L'Oreal mascara that I won from a Facebook contest, and a t-shirt from Nyquil from a weekly prize/instant prize sweepstakes. 

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