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Monday, November 21, 2011

Get a little "Green"

I'm watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia and entering giveaways on family-friendly blogs and websites...I feel like such a hypocrite.

Anyway, I've just entered a few good giveaways from Mama to 4 Blessings- I'm hoping to win an awesomely retro Lava Lamp from Lava Lite, orrrrr (maybe and) $25 to the Ultimate Green Store, an organic home-goods type store.

In that same vein of green-ness, there are a few other nifty giveaways going on. EnviroBooty is supporting NBC's "Green Week" campaign by giving away $100 to the NBC Universal store.

The Water Filter Lady hosts a monthly giveaway on her blog, and this month is a
De-Chlorinating Shower Filter.

RonandLisa are giving away a 6-month supply of
"environmentally friendly" products to safeguard your home for the holidays.

Jessyca is giving away an EcoStrip surge protector to help you cut down on your electricity bill.

And of course, try to earn yourself some physical "green" with $100 Paypal cash from the Organic Blonde. Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering for the 'read' / 'write' sign! I really appreciate you adding my blog button.

    ...I'll check out some of these links to "green" giveaways!

    ~ Tarissa
    { In the Bookcase }


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