Potato Chip Cats: Ugh, I want a tablet!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ugh, I want a tablet!

Ok, I'll admit it- I laughed at the iPad when it came out. Stupid trendy mini-computer/giant iPod. I saw people using them on the train or in the doctor's waiting room and I thought "dude, where do you carry that?" Doesn't really fit into a pocket.

But now, I've changed my tune. They've been updated and competitor-ized and I really kinda really want a tablet. It's like a digital toy for adults (sort of). I don't even really care what kind of tablet (though I would prefer a Fire or a Galaxy or an ipad 2). So I've tried to enter as many tablet giveaways I can find, especially while I'm sitting around getting over a cold today.
All the links below should open in new windows if you want to stack your to-enter giveaway pages. Some of them require getting past that Rafflecopter burnout, but my advice is to enter all the Facebook entries first with your actual Facebook name as your entry name (no need to enter extra info then), then the Twitter entries, then the GFCs and email subscriptions. Leave comments and blog post links for last, or obviously first if they are mandatory (they usually are...).

Today, I've stumbled across a couple good blog ones, but first- I just would like to say that I've caved and opened a Twitter account so I can get more entries, and finally see what all the twittiness is about. Yeah, twittiness. I like it. You can follow me @megananne73 (left sidebar or follow me here).

So I've entered:

The Coupon Cabin Giveaway at SimplyStacie -- crazy assortment of amazing prizes, including 2 iPad2's and other cash and Mac products! This giveaway hop is happening on like hundreds of blogs, so check out the list of sponsors/participants on her page. 30,000 entries so far, almost a week left.

Also at Simply Stacie, the Golden Sky iPad giveaway in celebration of the launch of the book by the same name. 12,000 entries, 26 days left.

Measuring Flower is hosting the Tablet Time Giveaway where 2 lucky, lucky people will win a Kindle Fire oorrrr $250 cash via PayPal (tempting option). 38,000 entries, like 60 of which are mine, so wish me luck. There are 6 days left to enter. Find another link to it in my sidebar.

Support for Special Needs is giving away an iPad2 sponsored by Replace my Contacts- find the entry instructions here (comment entries, not Rafflecopter, but very easy!). (CLOSED)

I used my Facebook on Punchtab to enter their Thanksgiveaway for 2 Nook e-readers. It's not a Rafflecopter but it was very simple to enter. (CLOSED)

Lastly, I've just entered the iPad2 giveaway sponsored by Mom Blog Society (you have to join the society to enter, but it's free and pretty simple). Linking to this sweepstakes isn't an entry, so I'm not sharing the link here- every other entry is competition, and the entries are low right now! ...But hint-hint, I've tweeted it. Multiple times.

I'll probably come back as I find more that I want to share, but for now, happy sweeping!


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