Potato Chip Cats: Who doesn't love cookie dough?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who doesn't love cookie dough?

I've used this recipe quite a few times and felt like maybe I should share it! I owe the original to Love and Olive Oil, which I found one day while stumbling around the internet.

This recipe is for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles, basically chocolate coated cookie dough candies. No eggs in the dough so it's safe, and it's absolutely delicious. It can be modified for vegans or vegetarians.

Find the recipe online HERE.

MY notes: I have had a hard time finding chocolate candy coating before, so instead I used dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips thinned with shortening so that it is easy to dip and dries with a little sheen. I also used decorative toothpicks to dip the truffles, so they chill like lollipops (upside down or stuck into a piece of foam to keep them right side up). I've found that one coat of chocolate sometimes isn't enough depending on the size of the truffle- it definitely doesn't hurt to re-dip them when they've hardened!

For someone who likes nuts (certainly not me) I would imagine rolling the truffles in hazelnuts or something would make a good addition.

I will be calling on this recipe once again for my company's pot luck lunch next week. It has always been a hit (makes a cute gift when you present some truffles in a decorative tin) so I figure it will deliver again this time.

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