Potato Chip Cats: Daily Entry Cash Sweeps ($1,000+, ending 1/24 or later)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Entry Cash Sweeps ($1,000+, ending 1/24 or later)

These sweepstakes are generally the hardest to win- they attract the widest audience and therefore acquire the most entries. But hey, it can't hurt to enter, especially if you can get a daily edge over people who don't have time or didn't read the rules. Below is a list of daily entry cash sweepstakes. 







$50,000 Dream Fund Sweepstakes:
 Creative presentation: enter once daily per unique site, but don't waste your time on this type of sweepstakes if you're crunched for time. These, for me, are casual, last-entry giveaways because the odds of winning are very low. Be careful not to subscribe to any magazines you don't want while entering! These links should take you to the non-subscribe option, but always double check. 

$25,000 Life Saver Sweepstakes: 
Creative presentation. See above. 

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