Potato Chip Cats: It's the little wins that keep me going

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's the little wins that keep me going

So I thought about writing a blog post whining about how I haven't won anything in a few weeks, and wondering if it was because I'm spending more time at work, working on the blog, or just losing sweepstakes steam. Then I shook the thought out of my mind and moved on- I have no right to complain. I've won more than I ever thought I would already and it's only been a few months. I'm still expecting two prizes and my Arizona trip finalization in the mail, so I also have that to look forward to.

But even though I didn't wake up to any congratulatory emails today, I still feel like it's been a day of little wins. Tuesdays are generally my day off and it's nice to have time to breathe and do whatever I need to do (volunteering, grocery shopping, lunch with friends...)

  • SO MANY NEW TWITTER FOLLOWERS! I'm so excited to be participating in the January Twitter Blast and in only 2 days, my Twitter following has grown by more than 500 followers. As I find my voice and my niche with this blog, my Twitter followers really keep me going. I would be so excited if someone won a giveaway they found by following me!
  • FREEEEE TARGET GIFT CARD! My $10 Target gift card came today. I had almost forgotten that it was coming so it was a nice surprise in the mail. All I had to do was sign up for Ebates, and you get a $10 gift card of your choice when you make any qualifying purchase. If you haven't joined Ebates already, what are you waiting for?? Just by doing my normal online Christmas shopping, I earned over $20 cash back, $5 for referring a friend, and $10 to Target. No extra effort, no strings attached! 
  • JINGIT PREPAID CARD! My Jingit prepaid Visa card came today and I just activated it and loaded on almost $20 that I earned FOR DOING NOTHING! All Jingit asks you to do is watch a few ads a week and sometimes answer a question at the end. It's still in beta so earning is slow, but they have promised improvements and I'm not complaining- it's free money, after all. 
  • OVER 1,000 PAGE VIEWS since I installed Google Analytics on Jan. 2nd. Looking forward to keeping those numbers going up and posting more interesting stuff and giveaways. 
There have been other little "ups" scattered throughout the day so far. The scale has been dropping slowly but steadily since the new year so despite the sluggishness of my weight loss overall, I think my "get fit" goal is going well. I added the Rafflecopter iPad2 giveaway widget to the blog, won a weirdly large amount of points on the Superpoints Lucky Button, received my free samples and coupons in the mail, and it snowed last night!! It was beautiful...for apparently 8 hours. Woke up and it was all gone. But oh well, I'm still smiling. The chinchillas are bounding around in their playpen as I write this, popcorning like crazy, so it's a good day for everyone ;)

*This isn't supposed to be a plug for online earning sites by any means, I've just had a coincidentally lucky day with them. Get in on this free money! Get more info on my "Earning and Saving Sites" page or comment below for a Superpoints invite. 

*I SPOKE TOO SOON! 5:32pm: Just now received a winning email from Sheknows.com (which is crazy up to chance, because they feature sweeps with unlimited entries) but it's not one of the prizes I really wanted so I didn't accept it. It seems to fit someone with kids better...


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