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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Fuzzy Family

I've just realized that I don't have any pictures on my blog. That is so not me!! So here is a little peak at my little animal family. After all, this blog is called Potato Chip Cats, I should at least prove that I have cats. And chinchillas...a tiny herd of chinchillas (post to come soon).

Once the shy runt of Sadie's litter, Calvin has come out of his shell and become the "man of the house" in his big brother Hobbes' untimely absence. He is a complete nutjob at about 1am every night, running around the house chasing ghosts like a manman, but other than that, he is our goofy darling. 
Calvin snoozing on the couch. He is my little cuddle buddy when the boyfriend is absent.

Hobbes was a loveable beast. He was one of the bulkiest, cutest, friendliest cats I have ever had. He was a hit among my family and friends: tolerant of every humiliation, humble and patient. He died suddenly when I was a freshman at college (some kind of heart attack?) and we miss him every day. 
R.I.P. Hobbes, my sleepy champion.
Hobbes perched at the edge of the backyard, waiting to catch leaves as they fall. 

When I was young we fostered a young family of cats. This is Sadie, the young mother of four boys. My mom insisted we keep a girl, inevitably the mother, and a boy, my siblings picked skinny runt Calvin, and I couldn't bear to let the big blobby goofy cat go, so we kept Hobbes as well. Her other two sons were much more "adoptable"- perfectly round and sweet, and were adopted days after we brought them back to the shelter after our foster session ended. Sadie is a "moody" cat to say the least- her need (or detest) of attention seems to change daily. She is a doll when she wants to be, and bat-sh*t crazy at other times. But we love her just the same. 

Pink nose, "eyeliner" around her eyes. (Yes, the color is a little enhanced)
Resting on my laptop bag. No one can take it away.
Rupert is not technically mine. He was dropped off at the Whiskers Inn in need of a home and I vowed to take him when I moved into my own place (sort of thinking I would have done that by now). He is a gruff-looking Persian cat and despite the maintenance I can't wait to have him. He is a weird shoulder-cat; he prefers to perch on your shoulder instead of cradled in your arms. But his odd charm I find irresistable- if you put him down too soon, he will paw his way right back up.
Rupert (formerly Sonny) in his silly lion cut last summer. 

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