Potato Chip Cats: Picnik is FREE until April 19th!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Picnik is FREE until April 19th!

Picnik, the online photo editing website, will be moving to Google+ and until they complete the move on April 19th, all of the program's Premium features will be FREE!! No monthly subscription, nothing to download. Just upload your pictures to edit, resize, manipulate photo elements, add effects, add text and designs, add borders, and much more. Get started now at Picnik.com! I will need to work on my picniking skills but here are a few basic examples of what this program is for. 

My chinchillas, Truffle and Souffle. Color effects, text and symbols from Picnik.

Dot the hedgehog!
Overlooking Cusco, Peru with text and pictures added, colors boosted with Picnik.

Using effects, focal blurring, text and symbols from Picnik.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know they are just moving. I thought they were leaving alltogether.


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