Potato Chip Cats: You can't have just one ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

You can't have just one ;)

Stopped by the Whiskers Inn today to visit my little buddy Rupert (I am determined to adopt him, despite my family's neigh-saying) and took a few pictures to add to the Facebook page. I think a lot of them came out pretty adorable, and I even used a few to create a custom Welcome page on Pagemodo. It was free and I love how it came out!! Thought I would share a few pictures here, since it's only fitting that I have some kitty pictures on here :P (Read more to see all the cuteness!)


Don't you just love his little tag??

Handsome Marvin

Kovu, my favorite little man

Exploring the new climber

Little miss roly poly

Just hangin out

Batman and his boa
Action shot! 

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