Potato Chip Cats: NOse Offense: Quick Fix for Stinky Situations {Review}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NOse Offense: Quick Fix for Stinky Situations {Review}

I live a crazy life surrounded by fluff, claws, fur, dust, fins, and SMELL! Ooh, the smells my little critter create- it can be terrible. Enter NOse Offense, my new solution to a previously perpetual problem. NOse Offense is a completely eco-friendly, toxin free, fragrance free, air and fabric Odor Eliminator.


I received a bottle of NOse Offense to review and I am hooked. NOse offense uses odor conjugation to neutralize, not just hide, the smells generated by our four-legged loved ones. I truly appreciate that it does exactly what it says it will do, without the help of harmful chemicals or abrasively "sweet" masking scents. NOse Offense is green to the core- the bottle is made from recycled plastic, the packaging and labels are made from recycled material, and the product itself is free of toxins. It is safe to use around your family and pets, and friendly to our earth. 

I tested it first on my little pack of rodents, my chinchilla family. The chinchillas themselves are odor free but their "byproducts" let's call them, are certainly not. Keeping plug-ins or other scented cover-ups would irritate their little noses and are out of the question. So if NOse Offense truly is fragrance free, the chins wouldn't notice. And guess what? They didn't! I spritzed a small amount toward their cage floor while they were in their playpen and *ta-da* the smell was gone. When I first sprayed it, I expected at least some sort of scent- but there was nothing! The air in the room suddenly smelled like...well, air! No more odors. Simple as that.  No lingering florals or citrus smells. No wall of "whoa" when you walk into a room that's just been febrezed. I think the chinchillas approve. 

I tested it next on my cats at home, and the cats at the Whiskers Inn, a feline-only boarding house. Fellow cat owners know that deep breath of fresh air you take before you try to take on the dirty litter box- well, dread it no more. While we keep up with the kitties "duties" at the Inn as quickly as we can, sometimes we can't get to every little stinky right away, and NOse Offense is the perfect product to nix the smell in the meantime. It also helps to  neutralize the smells of other cats, so communal climbers and toys can be spritzed as well. I think my cats and the guests at the Inn appreciate what NOse Offense does.

Bottom line: I am trying to promote positive-minded companies on my blog and I believe NOse Offense is really trying to take on a monumental task and doing it safely and sustainably. It works and I honestly recommend it to you for your pet deodorizing needs.

I received one or more of the products above for free for evaluative purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely honest and personal. Find my disclosure policies on my Policies page.


  1. this is my favorite! i just heard of it and i love it, works every time.

    1. It really is so helpful and convenient, I'm glad I heard about it!

  2. I just heard of it this is very helpful


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