Potato Chip Cats: 11 Random Things Game

Saturday, March 3, 2012

11 Random Things Game

Jeanine at the Mini Farm Sustainability Project tagged me in this game, 11 Random Things, and here is my response! 

The rules:

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.

11 Random Things about Myself:
  1. I love frogs. I used to catch them with my best friend when we were little, and I still have to resist the urge to keep the ones I find in the pool. Won't lie though...I might have kept some for a teeny while to take silly pictures.
  2. I have 4 chinchillas, Souffle, Truffle, Mousse and Muffin; 2 cats, Sadie and Calvin; 5 fish and 1 aquatic frog, Jaws.
  3. I ask questions almost constantly when watching movies (not in theaters). So many questions that I pretty much willingly accept my friends' made up answers to shush me. I'm annoying.
  4. When I ordered sundaes with gummy bears from Friendly's as a kid, I used to stash all the gummy bears in my cheeks like a chipmunk while I ate the ice cream so they would be unfrozen by the time I wanted to swallow them.
  5. I went to Drew University and majored in Psychology.
  6. I'm currently reading Angela's Ashes. I feel like I should have read it years ago but I'm glad I'm reading it now.
  7. I love artichokes with butter or in spinach artichoke dip. I totally recommend Penny Lane Pub for any local readers.
  8. My first fish's name was Cynthia. It was a goldfish.
  9. I am addicted to sweepstaking but I'm trying to cut back. My most recent win was $150 to Eddie Bauer.
  10. I still love kids' movies, namely Lilo and Stitch, Monster's Inc and The Little Mermaid. I don't know if it's a kids movie, but Rango is worth a watch definitely.
  11. I start crying when I see other people cry.

My Answers to Jeanine's Questions:

  1. 1. If you could snap your fingers and make 1 thing happen instantly, what would it be?End world hunger. Or maybe world peace. Or maybe pay off my college loans.
  2. What's your favorite time of day?Evening in the summer. Right before the sun starts to set is such a nice peaceful time.
  3. What species of animal companion do you prefer?I write Potato Chip Cats, so I really have to say cats. I've never had one but I would love to have a dog too.
  4. What project have you undertaken that has fulfilled you the most?All of my volunteer projects have been super fulfilling. I really enjoyed my work with Answer or with planning the Relay for Life for the colleges of Madison, NJ.
  5. Are you spontaneous or do you thrive on a routine?I don't like to say that I "thrive" on routine, but I have to admit that I am a very routine person. I am really moody about spontaneous activity.
  6. One thing that still scares you from childhood?Zombies. I hate the idea of zombies, I am absolutely terrified. Maybe more so now than when I was a child.
  7. If you had to choose between a big house on a small property or a small house on a large piece of land, what would you choose?Probably a small house on a large piece of land. While I don't want to feel trapped in the middle of nowhere in a tiny farmhouse, I would like to have enough space to breathe and never have to look into my neighbor's window. And then I could have lots of puppies with space to run around!
  8. Favorite fruit?Pineapple
  9. Vegetable you eat the most?Artichokes are my favorite (I mentioned it above) but I am really picky about them and their season, so I probably end up eating green beans the most.
  10. What #1 quality do you look for in a friend?Loyalty. I've been stabbed in the back one too many times and I really value a friend's honesty and loyalty so that I can trust them.
  11. If you could do one dangerous thing without getting hurt, what would it be?Hang out with hippos. As cute as they are, like no one has survived a hippo attack, but I still want to ride one. 

My Questions for You:

  1. What is your favorite food to cook (or if you don't cook, restaurant food)?
  2. Do you find you have a word you say way too much? 
  3. What is your most looked for quality in a significant other?
  4. Have you ever tried online dating? 
  5. What is your favorite book?
  6. Why do you blog?
  7. Where was the most amazing place you've ever been?
  8. Do you have a motto to live by or favorite inspirational quote?
  9. Do you play an instrument or did you used to?
  10. Is there a wild animal you've seen in pictures that you'd like to see in real life? 
  11. What is your favorite holiday?
Tag! You're it! I'd love for you to play our game and pass it on to others, but there's no pressure. Come back here with your posts if you'd like, I'd love to read them! 

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  7. Caffe @  http://caffeinatedocmommy.blogspot.com/ (...not 100% about your name, I'm sorry! Love your blog though!)
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  1. Aw, thanks so much for tagging me. I don't have time to do it today. But I will really try tomorrow. Thanks, again!

  2. I played, here's my link: http://angiewith2.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-random-things-game.html

  3. I'm heading back to school in the fall, and I am planning to major in psychology. It's *so* interesting!

    P.S. I've liked your Facebook page. I'd love it if you would like mine in return: http://www.facebook.com/RealWorldMom :)


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