Potato Chip Cats: Support March of Dimes and get a discount on shoes

Monday, March 26, 2012

Support March of Dimes and get a discount on shoes

Famous Footwear is now soliciting donations for the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy babies and safe, full-term pregnancies. Every baby deserves a healthy start to life, and the March of Dimes has been organizing walks since 1970, raising more than $2 billion dollars. 

Now, Famous Footwear is encouraging donations to this essential cause, and if you are a
Rewards member, you can earn 15 points for  any donation over $2. Just click here to add a monetary donation to your checkout cart. Adding to the promotion, $5 will be donated to March of Dimes (for a total up to $50,000) with any Dr. Scholl's® Shoes Inferno 3 purchase, which is available exclusively from Famous Footwear. 

I think it's great that FF is getting the word out about the March of Dimes. Since I already shop there and LOVE getting awesome rewards in the mail or on my receipt, I'm excited about activity like this! Go Famous Footwear! 

If you'd like to walk for healthy babies,
join a March of Dimes event near you by clicking here

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