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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scandle Candle: More than just a candle {Review}

When I was in college, my roommates got me hooked on candles, of all things. We were obsessed. We raided the shelves of Marshall's and Yankee Candle alike looking for new flavors. On winter nights our rooms smelled like a bakery and on spring days they smelled like a garden. So when I was approached for a review by a candle company, I was eager to accept.

But this has turned out to be more than your typical candle. The Scandle Candle is unique in that it is designed to be both a scented candle and a moisturizing massage oil in one. I received the limited edition Cherry Blossom scented travel tin candle. The candle comes in a small recycled tin, fitted with a silicone "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" bracelet so you can pick it up when the candle warms (though it only burns 2 degrees above body temperature) and as a reminder to be green when you eventually finish using the candle. The candle itself is made of all natural ingredients, like shea butter, cosmetic grade soy butter, jojoba, vitamin E, and body safe fragrance or essential oils. They are a member of PETA's Caring Consumer Program and are cruelty free and vegan. 

I love the smell of the candle. I leave it on my headboard when it's not lit so I can fall asleep to the warm, fresh, flowery smell. The candle is small so the scent is subtle. It burns evenly, creating a warm light and a pool of wax that doubles as a body oil. At first I was a little nervous to try the oil worrying that it might burn, but it just feels nice and warm. It glides onto the skin very smoothly. I used it on my cuticles and on my legs as a moisturizer as recommended by the packaging/website. It gave my skin a nice healthy glow. Be careful pouring it though, the travel tin doesn't seem to be as conducive as the traditional ceramic container would be- there isn't exactly a spout, so my recommendation is to pour in small, quick spurts to keep from dribbling or spilling. 

I do love how my skin looked and felt when I applied the oil, and it did seem to soak in rather than rest as a greasy layer on top, but I did have quite a time getting it off later: it didn't seem to be very soap-and-water soluble, so it took some work. I don't have anyone I'd like a massage from right now, but I imagine that it really lends itself as a massage oil because it does feel amazing when you first put it on. I'm looking forward to that aspect. 

So whether I use it as a candle or as an oil or both, I would still recommend this product. It has a nice scent and feels great when applied to the skin. It's eco-friendly too: the ingredients are all-natural, FDA approved, the canisters are refillable and the tins are made from recycled material. I would love to try the Shimmering Lotion Candle or the new Eco-Shave and Shower Foam.


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