Potato Chip Cats: Gettin my Sporcle on!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gettin my Sporcle on!

Once in a while I become totally addicted to this puzzle website called Sporcle. It's a collection of "can you name that..." type games and I will spend hours on it with a friend trying to name every Disney movie ever made or who said what in famous movies. Today I'm hooked on Countries of the World. My best by myself is 96 out of the 196 countries in the game (I'm not sure how accurate the game is, but holy countries Batman, that's a lot!). The first time I missed some pretty obvious, relevant countries, like Cuba and Somalia. During my best round I still missed some good ones, like Denmark. It's not that I don't know that it's a country (although I sure as sh*t couldn't place it on the map) I just couldn't think of it. 

I really have to work on my knowledge of Africa. I got like 7 countries. Considering how badly I want to visit the African jungle, I need to get on this.

I conquered South America entirely, but definitely lacking in Central America, which is a shame cuz I've probably studied it for years in middle school. There's more than one St. something, which I didn't realize were official countries and not just places Royal cruises will take you. They're so pretty.

There's a little bit of Europe with lots of "-ia" countries that wrecked my average too. Damn you Estonia

Guess which poor little country is the most missed? SPOILER ALERT: Nauru. That's one for you. 

Is it sad that I knocked a few off by thinking of which countries we've had wars with?

I think you should GO PLAY NOW and let me know how you did. Which missed answer are forehead-smackers for you? You have to get at least...6 just from reading this and probably living in this country, which I HOPE TO GOD you know the name of.

While you're there, maybe try to guess all the Simpsons characters
. I only missed 4, and it's because I can't spell their names. Good luck! 


  1. Never heard of Sporcle until your post. Perhaps I am dating myself - haha Won't even go there with the Simpsons - never liked them. LOL:>)

    1. Ooh it's not that old, don't feel bad! It's a fun way to kill some time and train your brain, check it out!


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