Potato Chip Cats: Swagbucks TV's New Look

Friday, March 29, 2013

Swagbucks TV's New Look

It seems lots of sites are doing some revamping lately (Facebook's newest news feed anyone?) and Swagbucks TV has undergone a total makeover. The featured videos are now bigger and more prominent, putting the focus on content and images. In addition to the fresh new look, the content keeps getting better and has a wider selection. SBTV now offers two channels with new content: the Television category offers videos from Hulu, and Music has VEVO videos. Use the drop down menu under the Browse tab at the top to find what you like. You can view all the video categories under Browse at the top of the page.

The new look also makes it easier to find and watch related videos, all while earning Swag Bucks. The SB Meter has an updated bubbly look, but it works the same as before: once your meter fills up from watching videos, you earn 3 SB. It's a super simple way to earn points and watch your favorites shows like SVU or the Office, learn something new about cooking, find a place to travel, catch up on current news, and more. If you haven't earned Swag Bucks yet just for watching videos from Hulu, VEVO and more, it's time to get started now.


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