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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free Blogger Sign-Up: Celebration Giveaway


Stacy's Savings & Other Stuff recently hit 10,000 Facebook Fans, is closing in on 5,000 Twitter Followers, and has a brand new blog redesign coming! She's celebrating the fans that made all of this possible by offering a great prize and a good opportunity for other bloggers.

 Right now, the prize is either 1 $50 prize, either PayPal or Amazon Gift Code. That amount could increase based on blogger response, so let's get it up to $100! The bigger the prize, the bigger the crowd draw. It’s up to you!

The faster you sign up, the higher up on the Rafflecopter you are!

Here are the details of the giveaway:
  • One FREE Twitter Link per blogger for posting a sign up announcement post (HTML here) or pay $5 PayPal to stacy@stacyssavings.com if you don't want to publish the sign up post.
  • Additional links will be available for $5. No Google+. Facebook links will be included on the Rafflecopter Widget.
  • 3 Co-Host Spots are available for $25. You will receive a back link to your blog on the Giveaway HTML to be published on every participating blog, plus 4 additional free links.
  • Page Host Spots are $10 each. These spots are to host a page of follows (not Facebook). These are great for increasing Page Views.
  • Blogger sign ups until 4/3/13. Giveaway will run 4/15/13-5/15/13. Please promote 3x per week. Facebook scheduling is fine!
  • US and Canada only, age 18+
  • 1 Prize worth $50 either PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. Additional similar prizes offered or increase in value of prizes depending on how sign ups go. Will confirm by April 5th.
  • Blogger Referral Incentive: Blogger with the most referrals gets a FREE Host Page!!
Please sign up here.

Link fees/hosting fees will go toward the prize, with a very small amount taken for admin fees (rafflecopter upgrade, promotion, etc). She wants to get the prize to at least $100 or more, or be able to give 2 prizes. Please send paypal fees as a gift. If you have a company who would like to sponsor the giveaway, please email stacy@stacyssavings.com.

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