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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's all just get happy: try Happify

I totally believe that the world would be a better place if the people who ran it were happier. Life satisfaction is legitimately linked to many aspects of a person's thoughts and actions, and happy people make more compassionate, moral, and intelligent decisions.

I'd like to be happier overall. Who wouldn't? More specifically, I would like to be more connected to the people around me (or at least the ones I like). With my friends spread around the northeast and the country, and my schedule being all over the place in addition to working full time, staying and feeling together can be tough. Enter Happify, a new social media designed with the science of happy in mind.

Happify allows a user to link their Facebook profile to the site and begin a track with a variety of goals. It's a little like Facebook and Pinterest put together with a positive personal end result. Through simple activities and examining certain aspects of your lifestyle, you can gradually create a happier you. Right now, the site isn't open to everyone, but I have 5 invitations to use and I'd love to get some of my readers involved. Comment below with your email address (nameatwebsite.com) and I'll send one your way.

I've already learned that just by adjusting my attitude before doing a normal activity, I can enjoy that activity that much more. Or that smiling for no reason doesn't make you totally crazy. And that it's good to take a few minutes absolutely to yourself free of distractions every day.

Still think you can't get happy? Try playing an accordion. You can't NOT smile while holding this ridiculous thing.

Accordion at Mysitc Irish Parade


  1. I'd love one!

    1. Hm, it says "User already exists" when I try to invite you. Do you already have an account? If so, enjoy!


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