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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring a Pet this March

Now through March 24, you can support the Spring a Pet fundraiser through your purchases or donations at your local Petco store. When completing a transaction, you have the option to add a charitable donation on a sliding scale starting at $1, or visit their website to make a donation on your own. 

Unfortunately, the spring is the time of year where there is an abundance of homeless pets in need. It's the season when "love is in the air" and feral and homeless kittens are being born. It only takes one adventure for an outdoor or homeless female cat to bring a new litter into the world, and if left unchecked, she can generate dozens more in a year. 

It's also the season when pets given as gifts over the holidays have outgrown their harmless baby stage and if their parents weren't thinking into the distant future, they are left to shelters who are already inundated with needy animals.   

Petco has begun stocking more natural and organic products on their shelves, which is commendable, especially when it comes to one's pet. While I wish, wish, WISH they would stop selling chinchillas in stores the way my local one has, I do appreciate their commitment to pets in need. 

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