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Monday, May 27, 2013

Revolt Fitness: Weeks 3 and 4

Ok, so as I mentioned in my last update, I went on vacation to Costa Rica for a week and didn't participate in the Revolt Now Fitness diet plan and workouts, but come on, it's vacation! I did however, try to eat everything in moderation, even wine, and stayed fairly active taking regular walks and tour excursions. My weakness though: all-inclusive. Buffets could have been the death of me, but fortunately, the food at our resorts (and probably in Costa Rica in general) was never heavily processed, and there was an abundance of veggies and fruits available. 

Prior to vacation, I lost another 2 pounds. I weighed and measured myself at 4 a.m. before we left for our flight and was so psyched that I broke 170! It made me feel that much better in my cute new swimsuit, and I only hope to get stronger and leaner from here. 

For my third full week, I actually followed the diet plan for week 4 since the recipes suited me better. I really enjoyed the herb crusted steak with sauteed mushrooms, and I paired it with a nice side salad. The picture is my boyfriend's plate, so he got to enjoy a creamy dressing. Jealous! I've grown to really like balsamic, but it's not the most dynamic flavor. I can't find the salad spritzers recommended in the plan, so I'm sticking mostly to lite balsamic and italian. 

I think the change I've noticed most is that during the workouts I feel stronger and more confident. Nicole is an excellent motivator. Just through the quick daily videos, she comes across as patient, competent, and absolutely adorable! Everything I need for a fun, fat-blasting workout is updated daily. The Facebook community for Revolt also means that I literally have a personal trainer in the palm of my hand.

This week I also figured out that I can't figure out how to make sweet potato fries. Past cutting them, I failed completely and ended up with a bunch of squashy but still tasty baked slices of potato.

Revolt Fitness has been just the change I need. Over vacation, which would have been week 4, I only gained back .7 pounds, which I think is pretty good considering how much food was thrust at us and how little time I had to work out. I couldn't have managed it without Revolt.

Week 3 Weight Loss: 2 lbs
Week 4: No Measurement (Vacation)
Weight Loss Overall: 8.2 lbs

Measurement Change Overall:
Bust: -1"
Thigh: -1"
Calf: 0
Neck: -.5"
Waist: -1.5"
Hips: -1"

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