Potato Chip Cats: Revolt Now Fitness: Week 8

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Revolt Now Fitness: Week 8

I've just completed week 8 of Revolt Now Fitness and I have lost nearly 10 pounds. I feel healthier, stronger, and leaner. Nichole Huntsman, NASM CPT, has designed an intense series of weekly workouts and healthy diet plans for people who are ready to change their life for a low monthly fee. No searching YouTube for fun workouts, no thumbing through cookbooks and magazines for healthy recipes you think you can stomach. With Revolt Now Fitness, you can keep it simple: you've got a comprehensive diet packet and workout videos posted daily. 

An added feature on the Revolt Now website are supplemental workout videos, like core circuits, warm-ups, and cool-downs with stretching. Every Revolt workout calls for warm-up and cool-down segments of at least 5 minutes each, so now there are videos with ideas and helpful tips for these sections. 

I'll admit when I started this I was afraid of losing my beloved pasta and butter dinners and Panera sandwiches, but I have found that not only am I saving money overall, I am feeling cleaner and more energized. By sticking to lean meats, low sodium,  and organic foods, the pounds are slowly melting away. 

This diet plan, combined with intense high interval training, have allowed me to lose nearly 10 pounds in these 8 weeks. If you've been keeping up with my journey, you know I am having trouble with this month's workouts, so if I had been more dedicated, I know that number would be higher. I am trying to stay motivated, and now that I am half-way through June, there is a light at the end of the tabata-tunnel. Can't wait for giant circuits in July! 

Weight Loss Overall: 9.7 lbs

Ready to see and feel a healthy change in your body? Try Revolt Now Fitness

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