Potato Chip Cats: Watch a video to donate a meal through Toyota

Monday, July 1, 2013

Watch a video to donate a meal through Toyota

Having just bought my first brand new car, a 2013 Toyota Camry SE, my interest was particularly piqued when my brother shared a link to the Meals per Hour website. It is one of the many philanthropic projects under Toyota In Action. You know their slogan "let's go places"? Evidently, a place they want to go is a better world and I applaud them for it.

The Meals per Hour initiative includes a short documentary about the Toyota Production System, or TPS, and how it has helped the Metro World Child food pantry expedite their packaging process to help families in need.

In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated NY and NJ among other places. Food was scarce, especially for those who needed it most. 6 months later, though the water has receded, people are still hungry. Metro has been packing and delivering boxes of staple foods to families in need, but there was never enough.

Now, with TPS, Toyota has not only helped them vastly improve their efficiency, taking their packaging process from 3 minutes to box to a mere 11 seconds, but has committed 250,000 meals and will donate up to 1,000,000 more if enough people watch a fun 6-minute documentary from the producers of Catfish. Meet George, the Metro warehouse manager with an infectious smile, who is ecstatic about the revamped process. Find out how TPS cut Metro's food distribution time in half through simple changes. TPS is now sharing their system with non-profits all over Sandy affected areas.

Meals per Hour has reached 90% of their goal of donating a million meals to families in NYC. Please watch now to make an impact and know you are putting smiles on faces just by clicking.

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