Potato Chip Cats: Embarrassing Myself for a Reason: Day Two and Three of my Fitness Fails

Friday, February 6, 2015

Embarrassing Myself for a Reason: Day Two and Three of my Fitness Fails

Two days ago, I explained how laughably awful my first workout in forever went. I realized that I have a long, uphill battle ahead of me, and that maybe I should look into a Lamaze class after I failed at just breathing right for five minutes.

So I took a few small steps that I hope will keep me motivated. First, I've started wearing a Fitbit. It was a gift that came at exactly the right time. The device itself, I must report, I am not in love with. I wish it had a watch or could tell me how many calories I've burned or something. But at least the app is pretty awesome.

Next, I rewarded myself for the three pounds I did lose in January (water weight be damned) by starting a weight loss jar. Unfortunately the only container I had available is beautiful but dauntingly enormous. I'll try to look at that as more motivation... *runs away*

Picture of Weight Lost Tracking Jar
Looks like my work is cut out for me. Or I need a smaller jar.

Lastly, I wrote my weight in lipstick on my bathroom mirror. I have ONE tube of lipstick and I have NEVER worn it, so this is the most useful it's ever been! By facing that number every morning, I think it will help me stay on the right track. I'm already looking forward to re-writing it next week.

Anywho, in my first try at exercising in quiiiite some time, I found that cardio is not my strong suit, or even my weak suit, or really any kind of suit at all, buuuut it's essential for calorie burning and overall weight loss. So for the past two days, I tackled Jillian's video warm-up again, and I focused specifically on nailing the form and pushing myself to make it through. I even made it through the first round of the leg circuit.

I say this like it's a big accomplishment but in the scheme of things, I know I've got a long way to go. It's like I've left the starting line, but I still have to actually run the 5k. Except that I hate running.

With my heart rate up, I moved on to an ab routine I found on Pinterest called the 7 Day Ab Challenge. I don't intend to use it for seven days, as I want to try a few things out and see what feels right. I am happy to report that I got through the first routine better than expected, albeit very slowly. 'Dem leg lifts...wow.

I am much less happy to report that today's effort caused a little more frustration. By the end of the first five minutes, my belly muscles were shaking like chunks of Jell-0 and I was inordinately mad at the computer animated man who demonstrated the moves. I actually looked at him at one point wondering if his CGI-highlighted muscles even existed anywhere in my body. I also may have yelled at the robot who called it an "a-b-s workout" instead of saying "abs." Siri would be so ashamed of him.

But like I keep saying, I have to keep trying and I'm proud that I didn't give it one day and call it quits. On to slimmer and better things!

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